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About Us

In 1978, Rick Reed founded R.A. Reed Productions, a Portland, OR-based theatrical scenery and event staging provider.

Building a stage for Portland’s ArtQuake event was their first project. R.A. Reed Productions went on to provide staging for Portland’s ArtQuake for the next twenty years.

In 2007, founder Rick Reed formed REED-USA, Inc. which is the name his company operates under today. With over 30 years of valuable experience, REED-USA is a leader in theatrical staging and scenery.

REED-USA specializes in two primary entertainment-related services. The first is fabrication and painting of theatrical scenery and the second being rental of staging and other equipment.

With clients nationwide and across the world, REED-USA has provided scenic construction for entertainment groups including opera, musical theatre, drama, dance, circus, industrial, informational, photo,video and even film productions.

Their work has been seen on stages from the largest and most renown opera houses of the world, to cruise ships, school auditoriums and convention centers.

Staging projects have ranged from small speaking platforms for presidential candidates to some of the largest stadium concert tours. REED-USA has provided stages for major concert acts, as well as hospitality platforms for nationally recognized auto races and pro golf events.

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